Would an LGBT student feel comfortable being honest about their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression in PE or when participating in an after school sports program? Do you know if  your school’s physical education classes and sports programs are safe and fun for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression? What does research say about the experiences of LGBT students in Athletics?

Changing the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project is here to help you evaluate your school and to implement changes, ensuring your school is respectful and safe for all.

We’ve made it easy to find  and use the resources and research you most need. We’ve organized them by the role you play in your school. We have resources designed for students and student athletes as well as for parents, coaches and school personnel such as PE Teachers, Elementary PE TeachersAthletic Directors or Principals.

The Physical Education Climate Check List for PE classes and the School Athletic Climate Check List for intramural and team/individual sports are good “starter” resources to help you get a feel for your school’s environment.

Don’t forget to check out the Game Changer video.

GLSEN may also be able to come to your school or school district! Contact us at to find out more.

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