Game Changers Video Project

Are you a Game Changer? Do you know a Game Changer in your school? Game Changers are people who are taking action to make sports and physical education safe and respectful for LGBT students. Game Changers can be students, athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, athletic administrators, fans or anyone connected to sports and physical education.

If you are a Game Changer or you know a story about someone who is changing the game at your school, tell us about it in a short video. Click to Learn How You Can Participate.  We know stories like these will inspire viewers to become Game Changers too.

Do you know a Game Changer you would like to see profiled on the Changing the Game web site? Let us know about this person and we’ll show others how they’re changing the game. We are looking for K-12 students, coaches, physical education teachers, parents or administrators who are changing the game so everyone has a great experience in sports and physical education. Write a profile about them describing how they change the game and submit their picture to

Meet Game Changer MVP:

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